Pay on Time, Pay Less, Pay Faster

Would you want...

If you had answered YES to one or more of the previous questions, welcome to the most effective debt payment acceleration and budget optimization service available!

Let me tell you why this is entirely different from any other financial service that you may use before.

Our program uses aggressive strategies to accelerate the payments of your debts, and at the same time, takes you by the hand, so you pay on time.

Let me clarify that this is NOT credit repair services, and you should not expect to delete any derogatory that you may have on your credit report. But, as your debts get reduced, and you start paying your debts on time, your credit score should increase due to that.

The combination of accelerating your debt payments and paying on time is very powerful.

The majority of times, you will achieve the goal of paying your debts faster just by optimizing your current monthly budget (without increasing it). In any event, changing bad habits for good ones will produce results that will last a lifetime.

Also, as opposed to most financial programs, we don’t request any login information for credit cards, banks, or anything for that matter, so identity theft is impossible. This program mathematically gives you the best strategy to pay your debts on time while optimizing your monthly budget to pay your debts as fast as possible and with the minimum amount of money thus our trademarked slogan Pay on Time, Pay Less, Pay Faster®.

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Debt Types


With our Debt Acceleration and Budget Optimization services, you will see, at a glance, the most valuable financial information, the Creditor, the Amount Due, the Due Date and the Minimum Payment, but most importantly, the Amount Advised to Pay based on your Debt Monthly Budget and the APR of the Debt.

If you want to accelerate your debts to the maximum based on your payment capabilities, you must use our service.

Let me give you an example, let’s say that you have two credit cards, Card A and Card B, Card A has an APR of 15% while Card B has an APR of 30%, on both you owe $1,000 and the minimum payment on both is $30.

Obviously, you would like to pay $30 (the minimum payment) to Card A (because it has the lowest APR), but here is the problem, how much to pay for Card B? This elusive number is revealed when you use our Debt Acceleration service because this amount will be calculated based on your monthly budget and your other debts.

Any other service does not provide this vital calculation.

The optimal numbers get more challenging to find when you combine all your debts, utilities, rent, mortgage, insurances, car loans, credit and store cards, etc.

Other benefits:

Saving money, while not real debts by themselves, are very useful in real-life.

For example, let’s say that at the beginning of the year, you want to save $6,000 for a trip at the end of the year. 

In this case, you could enter this $6,000 as debt with 0% APR and the system will suggest to “save” $600 each month. Of course, you will not pay but save this amount so that you will have you $6,000 trip-money at the end of the year.

Another benefit is to manage your subscriptions. For example, let’s say that you subscribe to a service. If you include this service as a debt, which in fact, it is, you would be advised of the due date, therefore, giving you time to cancel.

Even if a debt is going to be paid automatically, it should be included in your list of debts to get payment alerts and to be considered in your Debt Monthly Budget, thus giving you enough time to cancel the service or make changes to it if desired.

We will send you different types of advice at no extract cost. We will tell you where the smart-deals are to take advantage of them directly if you want. We will also send you tips on how to save even more by taking advantage of 0% APR credit cards, etc. 

Let me ease some of your possible concerns…

You have peace of mind with our service.

With other debt-related services you must surrender all your Banks, Credit Cards and other passwords which obviously means that the “service” know everything about you, your expending habits, your taste in food, clothed, etc. etc. and in exchange they use that information just to offer you targeted proposals and no real-value information.

On top of that, you risk that a smart hacker will steal yours and everybody’s log-ins putting at risk all your accounts.

With our service, you do not enter any passwords or any sensitive information into the system. Even if our system were hacked, the information would be useless to the hacker since nothing could be used or implied by your entries.

You will continue to pay your debts in the same place (usually your Bank) you are doing it currently, but now your payments will be smart-payments, really smart.

It is not your fault that you haven’t been able to manage your financial until now.
It is very time consuming, and very easy to go on a tangent when you try to manage your finance without the proper tools.

Those budget tools out there (we are not a budget tools) only want to take your information to sell you products or worse. In our case, you don’t need to provide any information in our program, and we don’t extract anything from it for any reason whatsoever.

So, your logins and password will be safe with you (since we won’t have them), and now you can sleep tight knowing that your bank and credit card accounts are totally under your control and not taking any unnecessary risks.

How Does It Work?

Our program consists of a unique portal (see a portal sample here) where you can see, a summary, as well as a detailed list of all your debts and when do you have to pay them we will advise how much you should assign to each debt based on your monthly budget and other factors.

Probably you have signed up for other programs and had been disappointed with those because they only advise in general terms of what you should do.

It is the same as being advised to go to the gym or having a friend picking you up at your home and go with you to the gym; the difference is day and night.

With our program, you will know exactly when to pay, which debt, and how much to accelerate your debts payments to the max. It is that easy!

Also, you will receive specific and valuable advice on techniques that you can do right away to accelerate even more your budget optimizing program. You can be out of debt before you know it.

If you don’t believe that our services won’t change your financial life forever, by helping you reduce and eventually eliminate your debts, ask for a refund before your first 30 days of service and you will get a courteous refund plus our thanks for trying us.